Sandra and Peter Moore

Sandra and Peter are from England, specifically from the capital city of London, but Sandra has been living in Spain for 50 years. Both were born in 1939 and are now 80 years old.

Prior to that, Peter Moore worked as a restaurant manager and was also a photographer specializing in immortalizing delicious food. But the most fascinating thing is that, he also wrote three books during his life and is thinking of writing a fourth, although his wife does not see it so clearly.

The first book is called Moore’s way, after his surname, and talks about the history of the family and the way they lived.

His second book is a fictional novel where he moves to the Second World War, and talks about the difficulty of obtaining all kinds of resources and especially pocket watches.

Finally, the third book, tells the second part of Moore’s way and moves to when he was born in 1939, in the outbreak of World War II. It describes the difficulties children like him had growing up in that environment and also everything that happened after the war. The book ends when Peter arrived in Spain to live and that is where he met Sandra.

Sandra and Peter have a little dog with which they live in their house, she is a painter and that is why the Costa Blanca with all its light, makes it a perfect location to practise your hobby, which is what you like best.

Sandra and Peter met 10 years ago and got married two years ago. They had two very large houses and had adapted perfectly to living in the “Spanish way”, but they had difficulties in maintaining both houses and the costs of these were increasing. Then they heard about Forum Mare Nostrum from some friends and although they visited other residential complexes, they decided to live in Forum.

What led them to this decision was the beautiful location of the centre as it is close to the mountains and at the same time close to the beach. A very important factor is that they do not feel that they are far from anything, since they can reach Alfaz del Pi, a town that they love, just walking and there, is where they have all the services guaranteed such as the pharmacy, supermarket…

They have made many friends of different nationalities throughout their stay at Forum.

One of their hobbies is travelling, and when they leave Spain they only go to reception to say they will not be there and the administration takes care of and maintains their property.

Peter is also a keen swimmer and swims every day in the heated swimming pool which we have as well as walking to the village every day. They also love all the cultural and sporting activities that Forum Mare Nostum offers.

Every week they attend the dances in pairs or when they want to disconnect they play mini-golf or pétanque with friends.

They think that they have improved their quality of life just by living in Spain, but joking apart, the most important thing about living in Forum for them is that they have everything designed, prepared and personalized, without having to worry about anything.

The most important thing is that if they find problems in the house, they don’t have to look for someone to fix them, they just go to the reception and Forum Mare Nostrum solves the problem.